Methodological Teaching

Distinguished Counselling & Classroom Program
Our distinguished counselling and classroom program focuses on enhancing the core concepts of students for various entrance examinations. It not only strengthens their intellectual base but also provides them with a comprehensive outlook. We at JMDi provide personal counselling to young aspiring students. This involves building their mental and physical capabilities to withstand any challenging situation in their work environment

Psychometric Tests
We at JMDi believe that each student is unique as the pace of gathering, understanding and learning varies from student to student. (I would suggest this line framing, “We at JMDi believe that each student is unique; therefore student pace of gathering, understanding and learning varies from one another.”
To develop and deliver a personalized program, it is of paramount importance to understand each individual’s strength and weaknesses at the earliest possible opportunity.

An expert psychologist assists JMDi in thoroughly evaluating and analyzing the areas of improvement for our students. Thus, increasing their self awareness. We are privileged to have Ms. Pinky Roy as an integral member of JMDi. She is Country’s leading psychologist in the Marine Industry. Moreover, her comprehensive knowledge and vast experience will benefit and empower our students for a bright and successful tomorrow.

In order to safe guard the interest of our students we provide psychometric tests facilities and guide for D.G Shipping approved medicals before enrolling them into our mentoring program. This initiative helps us to identify students who would face obstacles in the future while seeking admission in institutes. Most importantly, this process would help eligible students to move forward thereby entailing a sense of security in them.


Psychometric Assessments provide a measure of how individuals work with people, approach their tasks, communicate, approach change, and deal with stress.
An increasingly large number of organizations of all sizes are using testing (Job fitment) to help make decisions about individuals candidates. The benefits of introducing testing into the workplace (whether in the context of recruitment, or for the purposes of on-going personal and team development) include:

• Providing an external, objective view of an individual.

• Helping individuals to learn about themselves by presenting them in a new light.

• Analyzing fit between individuals and jobs, so that appropriate skills and training needs can be identified.