Cracking CDS SSB(Service Selection Board) is not an easy task at all. There are many reasons to believe so :

  • You will never be told the reason for your failure. Keep guessing !!!!! . When preparing for any other examination, on failing we know that our weak point is a particular subject. But in case of CDS SSB, the Selection Board never discloses the reasons for your failure.
  • Normally a year or two of proper coaching and hardwork can get you through the toughest exams in India, namely IIT and Medicals. In case of CDS SSB, your overall personality is assessed, basically, your complete hardware in last decade is accounted for ( basically they find out whether you possess officer like qualities or not).


For Army the SSB centres are : Allahabad  , Bhopal and Bangalore

For Air Force the SSB centres are : Dehradun , Varanasi , Gandhinagar  and Mysore.

For Navy the SSB centres are : Coimbatore , Bangalore and Bhopal.


SSB – Day Zero

Candidates are received and taken to SSB Centre. Where verification is carried out and briefing is given.


SSB – Day One ( Stage 1 – Screening Test)

Officer Intelligence Rating Test – A simple test consisting of 54-555 questions to check the candidate ’s logical and analytical brain.

Picture Perception Description Test – A blurry picture is shown, candidates have to write a story perceiving their understanding, then they have to narrate their story and finally discuss it among a group to come to a conclusion.

Results of this test are announced the same day, candidates who fail leave the SSB Centres and remaining progress to Stage 2. Maximum candidates are disqualified on the first day itself.


SSB – Day Two ( Stage 2 – Psychology Tests)

This day three tests are carried out:

Thematic Apperception Test – 10 numbers of clear pictures are shown, candidates have to write a story on what they see. Very limited time is given for the same.

Word Association Test – 60 words are given and in each word, one has to write a meaningful sentence in just 15 seconds.

Situation Reaction Test – 60 situations are given, where one has to write his reactions to such situations with just a minute for each situation.


SSB – Day Three and Four( Stage 2 – GTO Task and Interview)

An interview is conducted at any time in these two days with prior appointed time.

Group discussions, Group Planning, Group Tasks, Progressive group tasks, Individual Group obstacles etc. are conducted in these two days.


SSB – Day Five ( Stage 2 – Conference )

On the day of the conference, all the examiners are present in a boardroom namely board examiners, psychologist, GTO’s and Interviewing Officer and each candidate has to appear in front of them. Candidates are asked general questions. Within half an hour of the conference getting over the results are revealed.

The selected candidates have to stay for medicals and rest are sent back.